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The streets of downtown Evanston are quaint and pedestrian-friendly, and businesses are a mix of chain restaurants, mom-and-pop stores and commercial behemeths such as Borders and Barnes and Noble. Several new retail and condo construction projects are underway. A diverse range of restaurants, both in terms of price and cuisine, are downtown. A meal and then a stroll along the lake, which is a short walk away, makes for a good night out. Fountain Square is also a popular destination, and a movie theater showing all the latest features is downtown.

Typical Rents
Studio $700-1,200
1 Bedroom $800-1,600
2 Bedrooms $1,200-$2,400
3 Bedrooms $1,600-$3,200

Average Buying Price
Studio $352,000
1 Bedroom $353,000
2 Bedrooms $428,000
3 Bedrooms $476,000

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