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About us:

It all started in the fall of 2002 when Martin Claure moved from Miami, FL with his wife Carmen to pursue an MBA at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. After spending two full weeks looking for housing, they still ended up far away from school and paying way too much. Carmen and Martin determined that there was a true need for a service that focused on the housing needs of the student community and launched a boutique real estate brokerage providing services to incoming Kellogg MBA and other graduate students. Since 2002, Colfax Realty Group (formerly MBA Properties) has been helping students and emerging professionals throughout the Evanston and Chicago-land area with their ever-changing real estate needs.

In 2004, Martin & Carmen expanded the scope of the company to include relocation and residential brokerage services for incoming and graduating students from the top MBA, Law and medical schools across the US. To this effect, additional offices were opened in Boston, Chicago, Miami and New York. In 2006, Martin & Carmen opened an office in Panama and formed partnerships in several nations across Latin America and the Caribbean in response to the second home market boom across the region.

In 2010, Colfax Realty Group's Chicago and Evanston locations started an exciting new chapter in their company's evolution by entering into a partnership with @ Properties, Chicago's leading real estate brokerage. This union will help expand their strategic marketing efforts and provide the most sophisticated technology and market research available.

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